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Gnostic name wordcloud

I’ve been working on an index of the named figures in Gnostic myth, focusing especially on the Barbelo-Sethian texts – Pistis Sophia, Books of Ieou, the Untitled Apocalypse, and related works in the Nag Hammadi Library.  I was surprised to see how prominent were some of the lesser-known figures of Gnostic myth – such as Youel, “she who belongs to the glories,” and Esephech, “the Child of the Child.”  Both of them are described in several texts (notably Zostrianos) as spirit-instructors.

Sophia is a bit under-represented (I didn’t index every single occurrence of her name) – and the list isn’t necessarily comprehensive – ‘representative’ is probably a more accurate description.

Using Wordle I constructed a word cloud; click the image to see the full-size version.

wordcloud of Gnostic god-names